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Crystal Skulls

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Skull Dimensions*: 1.25" x .75" x 1"
Color: Ranges from clear, rose, smoky, carnelian, and some amethyst

*Dimensions are approximate and vary slightly per crystal.

The small crystal skull sold in the gift set by Bashar is made of natural quartz crystal and charged with the “Resonance of Bashar" as a conductor and transmitter/amplifier of the information that Bashar transmits. Traditionally, from a human shamanic point of view, the crystal skull is representative of the evolution of human consciousness. It relates back to our ancestors as a knowledge base as well as the “ancient ones" or the Gods, ETs that have helped genetically guide our human species into existence. More importantly they reflect our human destiny. All spiritual traditions activate various brain centers to help awaken us to our highest potential human consciousness. So they are a kind of grappling hook to our future selves. The crystal skull pieces in the kit are not ancient carvings per se; although the natural quartz material has been existence in physical form for over 100 million years and as such has stored impressions and information about our earthly physical existence during that time. Going into “alternate reality" meditations can access all of the information relevant to your interests. Please use the crystal skull as a permission slip to explore these possibilities and discover for yourself the relevance to your own evolutionary journey.