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Essassani Contact Crystal

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Dimensions: 2.25" Diameter x .25" Depth
Material: Quartz
Color: Deep Green


For over a quarter of a century, Bashar, an extraterrestrial entity channeled by Darryl Anka, has delivered hundreds of hours of information designed to help humanity on Earth improve their lives in positive and creative ways.

Bashar, acting as a “Contact Specialist” and diplomatic representative of his world, called Essassani, has made it crystal clear that the application of this information in our lives can raise our energy vibrations and help us connect more completely, not only with our own higher consciousness, but also with intelligent beings in other civilizations and higher dimensional realms.

Therefore, as a prelude to eventual physical contact with his civilization, Bashar has recently offered Earth a beautiful gift from his homeworld: The ESSASSANI CONTACT CRYSTAL.

As Bashar has described:

“I encountered the Contact Crystal as a child on my world, when my mother and father took me to an artistic display of a gigantic crystal formation created by a contact specialist in our society as a representation of all the civilizations our world had contacted.”

“The center, hexagonal crystal represents the first contact. It symbolizes and contains the vibration of our history of contact, as well as connects all who interact with it to the history and legacy of my family’s lineage as first contact specialists. So the center crystal is like a ‘seed of contact’ that forms a link and a bridge to your people and acts as a permission slip that will help to make open contact with other civilizations a reality.”

Bashar has instructed us on how to duplicate this primary crystal in miniature and we now offer these energetically charged “Seeds of Contact” along with a special “Activation Meditation” given by Bashar that is designed to harmonize our personal energy signatures with the specific frequency of the Contact Crystal. As the number of “Seeds of Contact” on Earth expands, our collective contact frequency envelopes the planet and the opportunity for contact is amplified.

These beautiful, hexagonal deep-green quartz crystals, created by Darryl Anka, along with master crystal artisan, Kirby Seid, allow us a unique glimpse into Bashar’s civilization and provide a rare opportunity to become truly active participants in expanding the energy that will lead to open contact between Earth and other worlds, including Essassani.

We invite you to become a "Seed of Contact" for our extraterrestrial friends! 

In Deepest Appreciation,

Darryl Anka & April Rochelle

Bashar Communications

Please note: The price listed, above, is the crystal ($225) plus insurance fees ($5). We require insurance on the crystal in case it gets lost in transport, so that we can either reship your order or refund you the cost of the crystal. Some chips and bubbles are normal from the growing and etching processes. The rosewood boxes are no longer available. We've, now, begun to switch to a more environmentally friendly packaging.