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Social Experiment Step 4 - MP3 Audio Download

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In This year, Bashar has begun sharing the step-by-step instructions for participating in The Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment. He has begun to instruct us as to which changes we may need to make in our lives and our belief systems, so that we are prepared to experience Open Contact. This includes the attitudes and ideas we might want to rethink, as well as the kind of social media use that is more compatible with the Interstellar Alliance. He suggested specific contacts we might make with various officials and other actions we might take to amplify our vibration.

This month, in The Social Experiment Step 4, the question is who we, as individuals, will be within the galactic family? In this session, Bashar will show us how to have fun by creating a dual identity, that of an Earth human and a member of the Interstellar Alliance, simultaneously. He will share some ideas for identifying, if we so choose, with a homo galacticus version of ourselves, so we can begin experiencing our lives from that perspective as part of the Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment.

Session Date:  May 25, 2024
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• What if Step 3 of The Social Experiment raises fear of prosecution?
• Can you tell us about another being in the Interstellar Alliance who is also working on The Social Experiment?
• How can I fully forgive myself for a past mistake?
• What is the best way to respond to someone violating your boundaries?
• How can we reframe the concept of debt?
• What is the purpose of evolving as a soul?
• Do your people have a religious text like a Bible?
• What is the one thing we can do each and every day to alleviate suffering in the world?
• Will AI help us connect to our higher minds?
• I am good at identifying other’s negative beliefs but how can I finally identify and overcome my own negative beliefs?
• How can we as actors tap into energies that we are not familiar with and play a character that is malevolent?
• Can we view negative content without absorbing it?
• How does story-telling work in your world?
• What is the best way to parent young children?
• Who is St. Germain?
• Who are my guides and do they change?
• Are children also ascending?
• Does God have a God himself?
• What is the best frequency for me to meditate on?
• How do I manage to find hidden belief systems that are blocking my way?
• What is going on with the recent solar storms?
• How can I clarify if I am acting on excitement or anxiety?
• Is there anything outside of The Whole?

And much more!




Includes a guided meditation.



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