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The Eye of The Needle - MP3 Audio Download

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Bashar discusses our current reality in dealing with The Covid-19 virus, how  it came about and how we can best learn from and navigate this period in time.

2020 is here and the prism is splitting!  In Children of the Future Bashar showed us how to identify more with our preferred future selves.  Then in The Eye of the Storm he advised us that 2020 was going to be “nuts” and taught us how to remain still and allow negativity and chaos to swirl all around us.  In The Eye of the Needle we learn how to combine the other two techniques, identifying with our most preferred future selves and letting go of everything we don’t prefer, allowing ourselves to gravitate to the probable realities that best suit us.  In this permission slip technique he will show us five basic steps that can allow us to streamline ourselves within the splitting prism, to make it easier to pass through this vibrational Eye of the Needle and propel ourselves forward in a much more effortless way, in a freer way, a more joyful way, a way that can amplify our energies and vibrations as individuals like never before.

Session Date: April 25, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 hours

Q&A includes:

• Was the Virus engineered?
• Is Bill Gates vaccinating the planet a good thing?
• Was does your civilization make of this virus episode?
• When do you see the virus ending?
• Why is the virus named Corona Virus?
• Why does my reality sometimes feel like the virus is very real and sometimes feels like it is fake, is that because of all the different parallel realities converging?
• Can the hybrid children help us right now?
• Is there a huger awakening taking place right now?
• Regarding Covid virus, how many actual cases are there that are not reported?
• What kind of reality will we see coming out the other end of this?
• What is the next reality when we transition out of this life?
• Will I meet my hybrid parallel self?
• Are spaceships hidden because the frequency is not visible to our eyes or is it other sense?
• When you said 2020 was going to be crazy, did you have this reality in mind?
• Is this passage through the eye of the needle an acceleration to first contact?
• Are there timelines of earth where this has not happened? Can we shift to it?
• Could you comment on Einsteinian physics and the speed of light?
• How long with this crisis last?
• Are the ETs just waiting or are they assisting us?
• Can we look for dreamtime to assist us during this time?
• Did the Essassani civilization have a crisis turning point in its history?
• Could you speak more on the third reality that is being created right now with the changes we are going through?
• What is your location above Sedona right now?
• Does a channel need a relative vibration to the energy they are channeling in order to receive it?
• What are your thoughts on the concept of “The Leading Edge”?
• Is this year going to get even crazier?
• Can you expand on the wave and the particle and our shifting realities?
• What function does our brain have in the shifting of parallel realities?
• How can I adjust to the many synchronicities that are going on daily in my life?
• Why am I seeing the numbers 911 so frequently?
• Can we restart our economy in a green way?
• What is the purpose of viruses?
• Am I being selfish being happy in my own world while collectively it may not be so for everybody?
• Is there such a thing as an inherent truth? Bashar discusses the 5 laws.
• Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in on planet Earth. Could you comment?
• Is this year going to get even crazier?
• What is happening energetically when someone is empathic?
• How can we stay financially stable during this turbulent time?

And much more!




Includes a Guided Meditation- Video version recommended due to Meditation visuals.


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